Monday, 7 January 2013

CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 imminent

*** Updates below

There has just been a refresh on a lot of the CRM 2011 downloads on Microsoft's downloads page. If you click search and sort by 'newest to oldest' it'll bring up quite a few CRM 2011 downloads on the first 3 pages.
One of the downloads refreshed is the 5.0.13 SDK download. To me this points to an imminent Update Rollup 12 release which will, hopefully, also bring new Service Release functionality. This was previously meant to be released with the now non-existent Update Rollup 9 (as you may recall we jumped from Update Rollup 8 to 10).

I have my fingers crossed for this!

*** Update 14/01/2013
As of 07/01/2013 the Update Rollup 12 download link has been live with download links only for the client elements of the update. Going over the KB article linked from the download page it seems Microsoft was aiming at releasing the on-premise server update files on 10/01/2013. That was 4 days ago.
My personal estimate is that the client updates went live in order to support the server updates deployed on Microsoft's CRM Online hosting service. I am not sure why there's a delay in releasing the on-premise server updates and can only guess there have been some issues with the deployment to CRM Online. Hopefully we should be getting our much anticipated on-premise Update Rollup 12 very soon.

*** Update 15/01/2013
Going through the KB article this morning I noticed a slight change in wording. Microsoft are no longer promising the on-premise server components on 10 January as before but rather just in January 2013. The exact wording follows.
Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will be available for on-premise customers in January 2013.

*** Update 21/01/2013
Yet more delays with the on premise server components of Update Rollup 12. It seems Microsoft found a critical bug with the Update Rollup 12 release just after publishing it and it was swiftly removed. The message about this went out on the 15th but has only found its way to my Google search feed today. The exact wording follows.
I'd like to give an update on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup (UR) 12 Release. We originally made UR12 available on Thursday, January 10th, to deliver multi-browser support for our On Premises customers. After discovering an issue that could potentially impact a customer's database, we withdrew the UR12 Server bits to ensure that no On Premises customers would be affected. Unfortunately, these bits were available on the Microsoft Download Center for a short period of time. If you downloaded the UR12 Server bits, please do not install them. We plan to repost the UR12 Server bits within the next week, and we will keep you informed as to when they are available. We have taken measures to improve our engineering processes and methodologies going forward, and we take your feedback very seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 

** Update 30/01/2013
Surprisingly, Microsoft kept the vague (and once altered) release date of January 2013. Update Rollup 12 for CRM 2011 has been officially and fully released today.

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