Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I sometimes roam through CodePlex in search of new interesting projects to follow and solutions I can use. In one of my recent roamings I came across a very interesting new concept - "Gamification". I'll get back to that in a bit.
What I came across on CodePlex was a CRM 2011 solution called "The Game for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011". Perplexed by this I kept reading.

Back to the new concept. I couldn't have put it better myself so I'll just quote the solution author on this.
The concept of ‘gamification’ is a simple one. To apply game design to non-game applications in order to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification has been used successfully across forums such as those maintained by Microsoft ( in order to encourage contributor participation and reward them for achieving a number of points and achievements. The result of this has been a flourishing forum community.
 Still puzzled and rather doubtful, I decided to try installing and configuring The Game on a test CRM organisation I had lying around. The installation itself was a simple CRM solution import and went by quite swiftly. Once complete I had a plethora of configuration entities all intertwined.
As I'm an active PlayStation 3 player (mostly spending my time on Dust 514 lately), things really started to look familiar now. I could set up games, define ranks and link them to games. I could even set up point thresholds at which users advance to the next level!
What really threw me back was the ability to also create and fully configure achievements. To anyone who's played even the simplest console game this should be quite clear. Using all the different configuration elements I could create a game based on my CRM system's existing business process.
Remember that boring old sales process? Moving through leads, opportunities and then the drudging quotes and orders?

After about half an hour's configuration (and learning curve) I was able to transform this whole sales process from a boring 100% business driven system into a system that still provides everything it did before but is also fun to use. Adding these gaming elements really livened up the system and I can easily imagine users being more enthusiastic about selling.
So what did I actually add? There were some workflows required (most of my learning curve was devoted to those) for the basic functionality of the game. Once those were in place I had the following structure for the game:
  • New opportunities gained the user 5 points.
  • New quotes gained the user 10 points.
  • New orders gained the user 25 points.
  • Closed opportunities gained the user 20 points.
In addition to the above, I also implemented some achievements. These were set up as follows:
  • Opportunities opened and closed within 2 days granted users the "Swift Salesperson" achievement. This granted them an additional 40 points and a £50 cash reward (cash rewards went though accounting, naturally).
  • With some additional workflow tools I granted every user on their first closed opportunity the "First timer" achievement. This granted an additional 50 points.
  • With some additional workflow tools I was also able to count returning orders and users received the "Bulker" achievement for that. This also granted an additional 20 points per return order.

I can highly recommend this solution and method (obviously only where appropriate). I will be considering this for my future CRM implementations.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that, really happy to see my solution being used and welcome any comments you have in terms of improving it in the future.
Kind regards,
Rob Boyers