Friday, 12 December 2014

A Real Comparison of SharePoint 2013 Versions

Yesterday I wanted to compare various Microsoft offerings for SharePoint. I needed to understand the real differences between Office 365 and On-Premise features. Naturally I directed my browser at a certain popular search engine and typed in "SharePoint 2013 version comparison".
Also naturally I was presented with a wall of articles and pages ranging from complete uselessness to semi-useful. Nothing really seemed to bridge the gaps I needed to understand.
Or was it?
Microsoft seemed to do their usual best at providing all the relevant information but in a format dreamed up in a special hell reserved for marketing professionals. Here I had all the information I needed but in a format I just could not use.

Fast forward to an hour later. Through some very useful copy-paste and Excel tools I produced a spreadsheet containing all the information provided by Microsoft but in a format that can actually be used by humans. I can now even compare Office 365 to On-Premise despite Microsoft's best attempts at thwarting me. Hurrah!

Obviously I need to share this with the world. So here it is in downloadable format.
I hope you find it useful.

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